Product Liability

Litigation, Common Causes And Compensation For Product Liability

Defective products are responsible for thousands of personal injuries each year. Small errors in the design, manufacturing and marketing of a product can turn into big problems, often resulting in injury. When a product, deemed safe to use, fails due to a defect, the consequence can be severe pain and suffering, and in some cases, wrongful death. If it can be proven that those who made the product available to the public, such as the manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers, bear responsibility for your injury, you are entitled to pursue compensation. The 200-300 product recalls each year include:

  • Children's products and toys
  • Cars and tires
  • Furniture and household appliances
  • Tools and safety equipment, eg. smoke detectors and fire alarms

(U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)

There are three types of defects that can cause injury:

  • Design defects - These occur when the design of the product is intrinsically dangerous, regardless of how carefully manufactured.
  • Manufacturing defects - These occur when there is an error in the manufacturing or assembly process, resulting in a defective product.
  • Marketing defects - This occurs when the product is sold without proper labeling, instructions or safety warnings, resulting in misuse of the product.

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