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Does your daughter's make-up contain asbestos?

No one expects to learn that their cosmetics contain asbestos. However, one congressman has raised concerns that some cosmetic products marketed to teens and young women contain the dangerous substance that can cause mesothelioma and other types of cancer.

The issue got some media attention in December of last year. A television station in Rhode Island ran a report about testing by a local law firm of cosmetics sold by Claire's Stores, Inc., which owns the Claire's chain of stores that carry girls' accessories.

Why was asbestos used?

These days, all you hear about asbestos is how dangerous it is, and with good reason. It can lead to an aggressive and often fatal cancer known as mesothelioma. Even in less drastic cases, it leads to serious respiratory issues. It's been banned for a reason, and it's not something to take lightly.

That may lead you to wonder, however, why it was used in the first place. There were a few reasons that companies utilized this mineral resource.

3 tips to stay safe while you drive in construction zones

Sometimes it seems like you cannot drive anywhere in Louisville without running into a construction zone. Driving through a construction zone without other traffic can often be a bit nerve wracking, but can it be extremely dangerous when you throw in a few hundred, or thousand, other drivers who maybe do not drive as defensively as you do.

Since it is not possible to avoid every construction zone, it is important to know some techniques to increase your chances of getting through them unscathed. The following tips can help you stay safe in construction zones.

Elderly drivers using sleeping pills have high accident rates

Many people struggle to get more than six hours of sleep every night, which can be highly detrimental to your health over a prolonged period. To try to combat this issue, some turn to sleeping pills.

This may help them feel more rested, but there is a trade-off, especially for the elderly. Car accidents become far more common when sleeping pills are used at night, one study found.

10-vehicle wreck on Kentucky state line injures 2

Two people suffered injuries in a car accident on the state line between Kentucky and Tennessee, but it could have been much worse. There were a total of 10 vehicles involved in the pileup wreck, which happened in snowy conditions out on Interstate 24.

The crash, per the Kentucky State Police, happened close to Fort Campbell and mile marker 91. It occurred right around 3:00 in the afternoon, so further limited visibility due to darkness was not an issue.

Can a dust mask protect you from asbestos?

Asbestos is very dangerous when it gets into the air and you inhale the particles. These particles can cause lung damage, respiratory issues and mesothelioma, which is a type of cancer. It is often fatal and that attacks the body very aggressively.

Not breathing in those particles is critical, and many people assume that a standard dust mask will be enough. It's a heavy, stiff cloth mask that carpenters often wear when working with planners and sanders to keep from breathing in wood particles.

Asbestos in Cosmetic Talcum Powder May Cause You Cancer

Talcum powder may cause you to contract cancer from exposure to asbestos.  Unfortunately, the cosmetic talc industry has been trying to conceal this hazard for decades despite being aware of the risks.    

While baby power and other talcum powder products have been commonly used for decades, a well kept secret is that many of these products contain various types of asbestos putting people at risk of suffering asbestos diseases, such as mesothelioma.

If you have talcum powder products in your home, you should strongly consider removing them and no longer using such products.  While the cosmetic talc industry disputes their products contain asbestos, evidence strongly demonstrates they are wrong.  Unfortunately, the consequences could be dire to many of the millions of people who have used talcum powder on their children, their loved ones and themselves.    

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and used cosmetic talcum powder, contact Satterely & Kelley.  We may be able to help you.    

Source:, "Baby Powder Battles: Johnson & Johnson Internal Documents Reveal Asbestos Worries," Myron Levin, January 16, 2018.  

Parents are some of the most distracted drivers

Looking for the most distracted drivers on the road? Don't just look for the teen talking to her friends or the college student sending a text message or the office worker on the phone with his or her boss. Take a look in the drop-off lane at your local elementary school. Experts warn that parents are some of the most distracted drivers on the road.

Just a few examples paint a very clear picture of the problem. Among other things, parents have reported these distracting activities while driving with the kids:

  • Turning the music up extra loud for kids who don't like the car.
  • Listening to kids and adults alike all drum their hands along with that music.
  • Putting in DVDs for the kids to watch and even changing out discs while driving.
  • Handing out snacks and drinks.
  • Reaching back to comfort a crying child by rubbing his foot.
  • Picking up toys that were dropped on the floor.
  • Giving the kids breakfast on the way to school.
  • Restarting a child's favorite song repeatedly in the CD player.

Man indicted on murder charges after accident kills family

In late October, a man was involved in a car accident that took the lives of a family of five. He's now been indicted and he's facing murder charges.

The man is 57 years old. The sentences he faces, if he is convicted, would likely range from 20 and 50 years. Since he'd have five of them and due to his age, that could mean he heads to jail for the rest of his life.

Tips for sharing the roads with 18-wheelers

You glance nervously in the rear-view mirror and see a phalanx of 18-wheelers bearing down on you. You can't move over into the right lane, as it's clogged with traffic. Your white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel intensifies. What can you do?

Being aware and patient are two qualities you will need if you are going to be driving on the interstate among these semitrucks. There's no doubt that sharing the road with big rigs moving at high speeds is a frightening thing indeed. But there are ways to make it a safer driving experience, and below are some safer driving tips to keep in mind.

  • Don't take chances. Wait that extra half-minute or so to change lanes to make sure that you have clearance. If you wind up traveling behind a big rig for a mile or two, it's just a slight inconvenience rather than a tragedy.
  • Use caution when passing. Big trucks have large blind spots at the front, sides and rear that make it impossible for the driver to see smaller passenger vehicles when they occupy those spots. Don't linger longer than necessary in those deadly zones.
  • Be aware of a truck's turning radius. It seems counter-intuitive — 18-wheelers must arc their trucks out to the left before they can make a right turn safely. Passenger cars should stop and give them room to maneuver before attempting to proceed or go around them.
  • Use care if passing. No driver wants to follow a large semi for miles and miles, but passing these behemoths requires additional patience. First, drivers must assure that they have enough space to safely navigate a passing maneuver around a big rig. Then, it's important not to cut off the trucker by immediately jumping back into the lane right in front of the truck. Remember, that's another blind spot.
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