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Driver in fatal DUI released early, arrested for DUI again

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2018 | Car Accidents |

A Louisville woman who lost her partner of more than a decade and father of her two children to a drunk driver is sharing the family’s pain upon learning that the woman who was responsible for the fatal crash was recently arrested on DUI charges.

The man was driving home from work in September 2014 when he was struck by the woman. Her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was measured at .28 — more than triple the legal limit.

The man’s two young daughters and their mother live with his mother, who says they are speaking out because they don’t want other families to go through what they did. She says, “Back then, we didn’t have the strength to speak publicly.”

The drunk driver reached a plea deal on the reckless homicide charge in which she was to serve only five years. However, she was released two years ahead of schedule on probation. The victim’s girlfriend says, “That alcohol problem doesn’t go away, you need rehabilitation.”

The woman is due in court on this latest charge in April. She is currently behind bars at Metro Corrections with a cash bond of $1 million.

It was not reported whether the man’s family has taken any civil action against the driver who killed him. However, regardless of whether you believe justice was served by the criminal legal system or not, surviving loved ones can seek compensation for the death of a loved one to cover the considerable financial burden when a breadwinner of the family dies, along with compensation for other damages. An experienced Louisville attorney can help you review your legal options.

Source: WAVE 3 News, “Victim’s family reacts: Deadly DUI driver arrested again,” Andreina Centlivre, Feb. 17, 2018

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