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On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Every weekday you get in the car and drive to work. You know a decent portion of your day is spent on the roads, so you do your best to act responsibly and safely behind the wheel. However, your fate is not entirely in your own hands. Your safety out on the roads also depends on how other drivers act.

Unfortunately, some types of dangerous driving are quite common among motorists here in the United States. What types of unsafe conduct by other drivers might you be particularly likely to come across during your commute?

Recently, a report looked into driving habits here in America. It reviewed data from a cellphone app that monitors driver conduct through a phone’s sensors. The data covered hundreds of millions of miles driven. From this data review, the report pointed to two types of unsafe conduct being particularly prevalent.

Speeding holds the top spot

The report found that the most common type of dangerous driving conduct out on the roads is having a lead foot. It appears impatience and a desire to get places just a little bit faster seeps into the driving of a great number of Americans. The report found that speeding occurs in 38 percent of vehicle trips. It is estimated that, in trips where speeding is present, it makes up an average of 8 percent of the trip.

Some drivers might see speeding as not that big of a deal and just as a way to try to save a little time. However, it is important to not underestimate the dangers of speeding. When drivers speed, they have much less time to react to what’s happening around them. Also, car accidents can be particularly devastating when they involve vehicles going at a high rate of speed.

Cellphone use while driving comes in a close second

According to the report, almost as many car trips see drivers using their cellphones. This type of dangerous conduct was found to be present in 37 percent of vehicle trips, just barely missing the No. 1 spot. Reportedly, in trips where drivers used a cellphone, drivers were on their phone for an average of 11 percent of the trip.

Cellphone use while driving can take a driver’s eyes, hands and mind away from the task at hand. This can create all kinds of dangerous situations out on the roads. So, motorists falling to the temptation to get some things done on their phone while driving can have massive consequences.

When you are hurt by a dangerous driver

So, these two types of dangerous driving are ones you may want to particularly be on watch for when you are on your daily commute. You also may want to stay well-versed on defensive driving.

Now, even if you are vigilant out on the roads, there is always the chance another driver’s conduct could expose you to an accident during your commute. When you end up in a crash due to the actions of a speeding or distracted driver, it could have many impacts on your life. In some cases, the injuries from the crash might lead to you having to miss work for a while. Lost wages are one of the things car accident victims may be able to receive compensation for in injury claims. What sorts of damages you may be able to pursue are among the things you may wish to look into following a car wreck.

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