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Certain workers are more at risk for mesothelioma

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Those who work in blue-collar careers, such as manufacturing or construction, typically do so because they want to earn a decent wage to support themselves and their families. Most people understand that there are certain risks with their job, and they will try to keep themselves safe. Unfortunately, certain workers unknowingly incur significant risks while attempting to perform their jobs.

There are many different kinds of environmental risks that affect workers’ safety. Environmental workplace exposure to asbestos is one that many workers fail to properly consider. After all, asbestos exposure does not cause immediate symptoms of sickness. Instead, it takes decades for the damage done by asbestos to develop into medical conditions.

However, even a few days of unprotected asbestos exposure could be enough to cause long-term health consequences. What companies thought was safe decades ago no longer meets worker safety standards, which indicate any level of asbestos exposure is dangerous. Learning if you are at high risk can help you obtain screening that could improve your chances of getting the best treatment.

What professionals work with asbestos?

The biggest concern will be whether you directly handled or had environmental exposure to asbestos in your place of employment. Those who build or repair ships are at risk. If you worked in a factory, there could be a wide range of products that include asbestos.

Anything from building insulation to brake pads, at one time, included asbestos. So did many other components used for home construction. Those who worked in home construction prior to asbestos standards for building materials, and those who perform remodeling or repair services on buildings contaminated by asbestos products, are at increased risk. Even roofers may be at risk, as well as those who worked as auto mechanics when asbestos was used for vehicle components.

Connecting your medical condition with asbestos exposure is important for your legal rights

Most people already know that asbestos exposure can result in mesothelioma, which is an aggressive cancer of the lining of the organs. Asbestos exposure also seems to have some correlation with other cancers, including ovarian cancer in women.

If you have any reason to believe that you suffered unprotected asbestos exposure earlier in life as part of your job and are now dealing with medical conditions, you may have certain rights as a worker. There are special trusts in place for those with certain cancer diagnoses, as well as legal options available to those who believe their illness relates to a business still operating.

Sitting down with a Louisville attorney can be a simple first step to help you seek the compensation you deserve if you developed a cancer as a result of environmental exposure to asbestos at work.

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