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Why insurers do not want you to have an attorney

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

Any motor vehicle accident can create a severe life change for a victim. An accident that results in only vehicle damage can cause a victim to lose their savings to pay for the repairs, and a catastrophic injury can keep a victim from ever walking again.

Insurance companies want victims to feel like they do not need a lawyer for their benefit. More than 6 million accidents occur each year. The victims of these accidents can have huge costs to recover, and they should not rely solely on insurance for support.

Insurance is not your friend

Insurance companies are a business like any other. Their primary goal is to make money, which can come at the cost of accident victims. If insurance companies can get away with paying victims as little as possible for an accident, they will. So, they do not want victims to get an attorney.

Attorneys know how much a victim needs to cover the current and future costs of an accident. Lawyers then use their legal experience to negotiate on behalf of their clients to earn compensation that accurately reflects the current and future costs of an accident.

Insurance companies will try to claim that lawyers will only complicate things, or that the claim process will move faster without a lawyer. Without a lawyer present, it can be challenging to recognize whether a compensation offer is a lowball offer.

Someone to stand by you

Do not take insurance companies at face value, as they are likely looking after their own best interests. If a victim is looking for someone to help them after an accident, they need an attorney on their side. A victim can rely on hired legal representation as someone to fight for their best interests. 

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