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Pedestrian accidents on the rise in the United States

| Jul 16, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Paying careful attention to one’s surroundings can help keep someone safe when he or she goes for a walk. Using extra caution while crossing the street allows pedestrians to potentially avoid accidents in Kentucky. Unfortunately, not every driver who takes to the streets worries about pedestrian safety. Statistics show that pedestrian deaths are on the rise.

The Governors Highway Safety Association says 6,590 pedestrian deaths occurred in 2019. That figure represents an increase from 2018. Worst of all, the 2019 death figures are the highest in three decades.

Curiously, traffic deaths only increased by 2 percent between 2009 and 2018. Pedestrian deaths increased by 60 percent during that same period. Perhaps an increase in traffic safety features factored into reduced traffic deaths. Airbags, for example, may reduce fatalities.

The fatality rates do vary by state. Hawaii, for example, has a far higher pedestrian fatality rate than Vermont. Both Florida and New Mexico join Hawaii on the list of the three states with the highest fatality rates. Florida and Hawaii both host a significant number of tourists, which might play a role.

Possible factors

Several factors contribute to the increase in fatalities, such as distracted driving. Drivers talking or texting on their cellphones take their eyes off the road, and that may lead to accidents.

SUVs have become quite popular over the past several years. SUVs are large, heavy vehicles. They can inflict significant bodily injury when hitting someone.

Driving while intoxicated always presents risks. So does operating a poorly maintained vehicle. With these things in mind, pedestrians should be more mindful of vehicles when walking, jogging, cycling and so on.

An attorney could seek financial compensation for clients who get injured in pedestrian accidents. A lawyer might seek significant compensation to cover lost income if someone becomes unable to work and review the fairness of a settlement offer. If a client rejects the offer, an attorney could go to court and sue.