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The hidden dangers of rural roads

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2020 | Car Accidents |

In Kentucky, unfamiliarity breeds danger when it comes to the rural roads in the state. Drivers are more experienced on highways and may struggle on roads that they do not know. However, this is the opposite of how motorists drive on isolated state roads. They will often take more chances and drive recklessly on rural roads.

When drivers think that there is nobody else around, they tend to speed and drive more carelessly. However, on a rural road, that can change in a second as there could be another car around the bend. However, visibility is often low, and drivers cannot see other motorists until it is too late. Meanwhile, there are few if any police around to enforce traffic laws and drivers will travel well above the posted speed limit. The danger is compounded at night since the roads are not lit.

At the same time, rural roads are narrow. Drivers will often try to pass other cars, but the conditions on the road make it difficult. However, drivers do not have the same security that they think they have on rural roads. They need to be vigilant and focus extra. Otherwise, they may find themselves seriously injured in an accident without any type of medical help in the immediate vicinity. When that happens, there is less of a chance of surviving the accident.

Drivers or passengers who have been injured in an auto accident may be entitled to substantial financial compensation for their injuries. They need to show that the accident was someone else’s fault in order to receive compensation. Accident victims need to contact a motor vehicle accidents attorney to learn more about their legal rights and how they can file a claim. Their lawyer might then assist them with negotiating on their behalf with the insurance company.

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