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Common contributing factors are at play in car accidents

| Aug 7, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Then the costs start rushing in almost as quickly. Knowing what leads to wrecks can help you avoid them, and also let you steer clear of the life-changing charges.

Over 30,000 people are injured in car crashes throughout Kentucky every year. Around 2,700 of those cases likely involve major injuries that could cost victims over $1.1 million for a full recovery. Keeping the bills at bay starts with knowing where the risks come from, so drivers need to know where and when accidents are likely to happen.

Defining dangers

Car accidents can involve a range of scenarios by definition. Collisions with roadblocks, foot traffic or animal crossings can all contribute. But 67% of all accidents happen between two or more moving vehicles, with the most dangerous consequences resulting from collisions that take place at an angle or head-on.

A time and a place

While these types of accidents can happen anywhere, busy city streets hold the top spot for injuries. 61% of all collisions happen in urban areas, while just 39% occur out in the country. Lighting can also play a large role. Accidents were far more likely at times of low visibility, into the evening and late at night.

But location and time of day are only the beginning. Situations can have as much of an impact on collisions. Over 56,000 accidents happened because of distracted or inattentive drivers. And while that is by far the biggest cause, there are plenty of other circumstances that lead to accidents every year:

  • Almost 15,000 drivers got into accidents when they didn’t yield properly
  • More than 8,700 drivers were in a wreck because they followed too closely
  • Over 5,000 accidents occurred when drivers were traveling too fast for the conditions

Understanding how accidents can happen is a crucial part of avoiding them. But you can’t dodge every incident, and knowing the contributing factors could be the first step in getting the compensation you need for your pains.





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