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Pedestrians may be walking a dangerous path

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Getting around on foot has plenty of benefits, from keeping your weight down to keeping the dogs sane. But when you’re hitting the pavement in the face of risk factors, walking could be anything but healthy.

Pedestrian deaths make up one-quarter of the fatalities that occur on the roads in Jefferson County. The volume of these accidents makes the Louisville metro area the 35th most dangerous city in the country for pedestrians. While the city is working toward solving the problems that afflict those on foot, there are still plenty of hazards you need to watch for while walking.

Steps for improvement

Pedestrians are an inclusive group. From walking to work to running for exercise, any person on foot generally counts as a pedestrian. Louisville is home to plenty of them, and the city has drafted a policy for protecting this traffic with transportation decisions that reflect safety concerns.

The Complete Streets project is only getting started, so there are still plenty of risks that come with sharing space with vehicles. Staying safe could rely on knowing where and when the dangers currently exist.

Watch where you walk

Most accidents tend to occur where more cars are sharing the roadways with more people. Urban locations make up 80% of where fatalities happen. And of those deaths, only a small number took place at intersections. Most casualties, 73%, took place elsewhere.

Just like locations, you’re more likely to be involved in an accident at certain times. Three-quarters of all fatalities take place at night when visibility is at its lowest. These numbers can fluctuate between the warm and cold seasons, shifting between the evening and dark of night. The weekends are also more perilous, with incidents spiking with the late crowd.

Knowing when you’re at risk is essential for avoiding danger. While the city is making strides toward a safer commuting environment, you’re still better served understanding when dangers are walking across your path.


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