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Three people die in head-on accident on bridge

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Authorities say a Louisville-area accident left three people dead, including a pre-school-age boy. The victims, who were all from the metro area, were crossing the Ohio River on one of the Louisville area’s many bridges. Authorities said the driver of an SUV was traveling in the lane of the oncoming traffic while crossing the bridge.

The driver of the SUV, as well as the mother in son who were in the other vehicle, all died of what medical reports called blunt force trauma, suggesting the impact was at a fairly high speed.

Motorists must take special care when crossing bridges

Drivers need to be careful at all times, but especially when they are crossing bridges. Many motorists drive over Kentucky’s bridges every day, and studies say more than 7 percent of the bridges need significant safety and structural improvements.

Moreover, even the best bridges present hazards because lanes are frequently narrower than on the open road. Bridges also do not have shoulders which drivers can use to swerve off the road in an emergency, including a motorist traveling in the wrong direction.

For these reasons, drivers must pay careful attention on bridges. They should also obey the speed limit and leave as much maneuvering room as possible.

A careless driver who causes a serious motor vehicle accident on a bridge may have to pay compensation to victims. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact an experienced attorney.

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