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Distracted driving deaths can devastate victims’ families

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Distracted driving |

Studies have proven that cellphone use while driving can lead to serious auto accidents. In Kentucky, national and local ad campaigns have tried to spread that message for years. These efforts have surely convinced many Louisville residents to put their phones away when they drive. But there are plenty of others who have not gotten the message.

A motorist who takes his or her eyes and attention off the road for a few seconds to read or type a text puts everyone around them in danger. The distracted driver can drift out of a lane, miss a stop sign or red light, or fail to notice a bicyclist or pedestrian in time. The resulting car accident can cause lifelong disability or even fatalities.

A distracted driving crash can change a family forever

A deadly distracted driving crash causes two tragedies: the preventable death of the victim, and the devastation the death causes the family. Most people who die in car accidents are somebody’s parent, child or spouse. Now their loved ones will no longer enjoy their companionship, affection, guidance or financial support.

The experience of two women from Arizona reflects what happens all too often here in Louisville. Their children were in their early 20s and in a relationship when a distracted driver rear-ended their car at full speed. The car was sent into oncoming traffic in front of a pickup truck, which crashed into them. Both victims died. Nearly a year later, both of their mothers say they cry every day.

Police later noted that the driver that started the deadly wreck had sent and received text messages about a baseball team practice seconds before impact. The vehicle left no skid marks on the road, suggesting the driver did not even try to brake before hitting the couple.

A way to seek justice

The purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit is to help victims’ families receive necessary financial compensation from the negligent driver and the auto insurance company. Damages can include the victim’s medical and funeral costs, as well as the family member’s loss of companionship and support.


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