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What to know about driving near semi-trucks

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Commercial trucks weigh thousands of pounds more than passenger vehicles, which can spell disaster for the smaller vehicle if the two crash. While there are preventive measures a truck driver can take to keep the road safe, there are also things that drivers of passenger vehicles can do.

Because the rate of truck accidents is at a 30-year high, everyone needs to do their part in staying safe on the roads. Here are some tips passenger vehicle drivers can use to stay safe.

Do not crowd a truck

Because trucks are massive and heavy, they need considerably more distance to come to a complete stop. This means truckers need much more space in front of them to avoid dangerous situations. Staying too close can be fatal if the truck cannot stop in time.

Avoid blind spots

All vehicles have blind spots. Semi-trucks have blind spots that are much larger than passenger vehicles. Truck drivers typically cannot see a vehicle within 30 feet of the front or back of them and half of the front half of the left side and most of the right side of the vehicle. If you cannot see the truck driver directly or through their mirrors, they cannot see you.

Take extra time

Trucks need more time to do anything, from changing lanes to turning. What can really slow truckers down is when other cars speed around them. From cutting trucks off in a lane to trying to speed past them while they are changing lanes, all of these actions can create dangerous situations.

To ensure that any truck driver you are near can see you, give them the space and time they need to maneuver properly. Crowding or rushing a truck can result in catastrophic injuries.

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