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Delivery drivers are at risk of being attacked by a dog

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2021 | Dog Bites |

Recent months have been a boom time for the home delivery business. From retail purchases to dinner, consumers have embraced home delivery as a way of life. When numerous people are ordering numerous things, it only makes sense that delivery drivers may find themselves increasingly vulnerable to dog attacks.

Dog bites are serious. They can cause severe trauma and require extensive medical treatment. You might find yourself facing a stack of hospital bills. Your injuries may have left you unable to work. That’s why it’s important to hold property owners accountable. You deserve to recover compensation for injuries caused by another person’s negligence.

Look out for warning signs of an aggressive dog

Dogs usually don’t attack a person without giving some kind of warning. It’s important to recognize the signs of fear or aggression. You should be on high alert if you notice:

  • A dog holding its tail high and stiff
  • A dog with its tail tucked beneath its body
  • Growling
  • Bared teeth
  • Raised fur along the dog’s back

If a dog appears fearful or aggressive, you should slowly back away. Never presume that a small dog doesn’t pose any type of danger. A dog’s teeth are razor-sharp, regardless of its size.

Steps you can take to protect yourself

There are some steps you can take to help protect yourself from a possible dog attack, including:

  • Avoiding the urge to turn and run
  • Removing earbuds when approaching a home
  • Carrying an animal repellent
  • Using the package as a barrier between you and the dog

Sometimes, you can take every precautionary step and still fall victim to a dog attack. If you are seriously injured, the homeowner’s insurance policy may provide some coverage. It’s important to discuss your case with a skilled legal professional who can help explain all of your available legal options.

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