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How alcohol impairs a driver’s brain function

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is dangerous and illegal. But it happens every day in Louisville and nationwide. The NHTSA estimates that nearly 30 people in the U.S. are killed in car accidents caused by drunk drivers every day. Hundreds more people survive their encounters with drunk drivers but are seriously injured.

The increasing effects of alcohol on Kentucky motorists

Though it’s common knowledge that alcohol impairs a drinker’s ability to drive, many people don’t know exactly what happens to the brain after drinking. Here is a basic overview of how different levels of blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) can affect behavior, perception and judgment behind the wheel.

  • .02 percent — Decline in the ability to track a moving object (such as a car or bicycle) and in the ability to perform two tasks at once
  • .05 percent — Further loss of ability to track moving objects, slower response to emergencies, reduced coordination
  • .08 percent — Concentration, information processing, perception and memory are all affected. This is the legal limit in Kentucky.
  • .10 percent — Ability to stay in your lane and brake properly is reduced
  • .15 percent — Virtually every ability related to driving is substantially affected, including control over the vehicle, concentration and processing of visual and auditory information

Even one drink raises the risk of causing a serious crash. People who choose to drink at a restaurant, bar or party have several alternatives to driving themselves home. They can choose a designated driver, use public transit, or arrange for a cab or rideshare service. By deciding to drive despite being drunk, drivers likely make themselves responsible for any injuries they cause other people if they get into an auto wreck.

Proving negligence

Proving that a drunk driver caused your injuries and showing the extent of those injuries can be challenging. That is where the help of an experienced personal injury attorney can be valuable.

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