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5 crucial safety tips when driving in construction zones

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Highway drivers in the Louisville area will continue to experience slowdowns and congestion attributed to a number of construction projects. With this disruption comes the critical reminder to drive safely in work zones.

Several minor wrecks already have worsened traffic in these areas. Future incidents have the potential to cause harm to drivers, passengers and construction workers. Please take the time to follow traffic rules and be extra cautious when driving in construction areas.

Stay alert and slow down

According to the National Safety Council, more than 840 people died and 39,100 sustained injuries in work zone crashes in the U.S. in 2019.

Here are some important tips to follow when driving in construction or work zones:

  • Pay attention and stay alert: This is especially not the time for distractions behind the wheel such as eating, fiddling with a smartphone or changing radio stations. Pay extra attention to the road. And expect the unexpected as work vehicles and equipment may abruptly enter your lane and other cars may slow or make unexpected stops and lane changes.
  • Slow down: Obey the posted speed limit and look out for road workers. Remember that fines typically double for moving violations in construction zones.
  • Merge into proper lane: Make this move well before the lane closure. Pay attention to surrounding vehicles and especially be aware of your blind spot.
  • Keep your distance: Avoid tailgating. Make sure a safe distance exists between you and other vehicles. Rear-end crashes commonly occur in work zones.
  • Follow the flaggers’ instructions: Construction zones often include flaggers who direct and stop traffic. Any poor decision on a driver’s part may lead to tragedy.

Highway work zones have become increasingly dangerous places, so please follow these tips when driving in them. It could save you and others from tragic consequences.

Follow traffic rules and stay safe

Safety should always be top of mind whenever you get behind the wheel. This especially holds true when driving in construction work zones, which Louisville-area drivers have seen plenty of recently. By remaining alert and following traffic rules, you minimize the chances of a crash in these areas.

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