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Good news, bad news: Speeding down, distracted driving up

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Distracted driving |

The pandemic brought new challenges to everyone’s lives. In addition to adjusting where you work and play, you may have experienced changes in how you get from here to there.

For many, shutdowns meant less driving and fewer people on the roads. Several cities saw dramatic increases in speeding-related accidents. Traffic patterns are also changing because life is shifting back to many of the old pre-pandemic routines.

Here’s what you should know about the shift in traffic behaviors and how it could impact your safety on the road.

When are drivers most distracted?

Distractions come in all shapes and sizes. While some drivers tend to look at their phones, others are distracted by talking to passengers or eating a snack.

A recent study showed that people who get on the road between six and eleven p.m. spend more time distracted than those who drive during the day.

Reducing distractions

You can keep yourself and others on the road safe by limiting distractions when you drive. Although cellphones get a lot of the blame, remember that there are other distractions, such as:

  • Talkative passengers
  • Children
  • Food

You cannot eliminate all distractions, but you can reduce your distractions and make a conscious effort to stay focused on the road while you are driving.

Watching for distracted drivers

There will also be other drivers on the road who have distractions. You can prevent an accident by watching for drivers who seem distracted.

Often, a distracted driver will stop or turn suddenly, or they may have a difficult time staying in their lane. If you notice someone who may be distracted, make sure you give them plenty of room so that their next adjustment does not involve hitting your vehicle.


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