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Johnson & Johnson rushed asbestos tests for its baby powder

Louisville residents may have heard that Johnson & Johnson is being accused of selling talc-based baby powder containing asbestos. A new report from the Wall Street Journal reveals that the corporation rushed several laboratory tests in the effort to show that its product was free of asbestos contamination.

Johnson & Johnson facing multiple investigations

Kentucky residents who used baby powder made by Johnson & Johnson may have been exposed to asbestos. There are roughly 13,000 plaintiffs with claims against the company, and it is also under investigation by multiple government agencies. The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department have both issued subpoenas after juries awarded millions to plaintiffs in California and New Jersey.

Risk factors and causes are not the same thing

An individual in Kentucky may have risk factors that increase the likelihood that he or she could get sick. However, these factors do not actually cause the condition itself. For instance, a man has a higher risk of getting mesothelioma, but it doesn't mean that is the reason why he will become sick. Research has shown that there is a link between exposure to asbestos and the occurrence of mesothelioma.

Lawsuits allege J&J knew asbestos contaminated its products

Kentucky consumers might have been exposed to asbestos when using talc products like baby powder sold by Johnson & Johnson. Multiple lawsuits have accused the consumer care products company of knowingly selling talc products contaminated with asbestos. Over a dozen new trials have been scheduled in 2019 against the company that has already been targeted by 11,700 lawsuits involving unsafe products.

How women can be exposed to asbestos outside the workplace

Whereas many countries have banned asbestos outright, the mineral can still be found in many old buildings and in many products here in the U.S. Women are especially at risk for asbestos exposure through the various products that are marketed directly to them. Louisville residents should know that several companies have faced multimillion-dollar lawsuits because of this.

Identifying cause of toxic exposure central to recovering damages

Exposure to toxic substances in Kentucky workplaces or homes sometimes sickens victims and leaves them with serious medical problems like mesothelioma or other cancers. If you are coping with this type of problem, you could have the option of pursuing financial damages through a legal action called a toxic tort. Causation presents the primary challenge when building a case of this type because the opposing party might argue that something else caused the disease. A test that provides a definitive connection between exposure to dangerous substances and health problems does not necessarily exist.

The purpose of asbestos testing

Many old homes, offices and schools in Louisville still contain asbestos, a fibrous mineral that's known to cause lung cancer. Asbestos can be in appliances, paint, floor tiles and heating and plumbing ducts. It begins to cause problems when something disturbs it; for example, during a painting or remodeling project.

15 states with the most asbestos-related deaths

According to the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, more than 107,000 people around the world die each year from diseases linked to asbestos exposure. Louisville residents should know that while this mineral has long been banned by most developed countries, the U.S. has not taken such a step.

Honeywell facing probe for underestimating asbestos liability

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it was investigating Honeywell International's accounting on Oct. 19. In particular, the SEC said that it was investigating the Louisville company's accounting for its liabilities related to asbestos. According to a regulatory filing, Honeywell filed a revised estimate for these liabilities as of the end of 2017. They amounted to $2.61 billion, a jump of $1.09 billion over previous estimates from the firm.

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