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Insurance data reveals that smaller cars are less safe

All of the new cars, SUVs and pickup trucks on sale in Kentucky have passed crash tests to meet federal safety standards, but some protect their occupants better than others. Figures from the Highway Loss Data Institute, which tracks accident rates and insurance claims, reveal that even an array of airbags and sophisticated accident avoidance systems are not enough to overcome the fundamental laws of physics.

It has long been understood that large and heavy vehicles cause more damage in a crash and provide their occupants with better protection. Automakers have worked to make smaller cars safer by incorporating structural features like crumple zones and electronic systems that can take evasive action automatically in emergency situations. However, the HLDI data suggests that smaller vehicle occupants are still far more likely to be injured or killed in an accident.

Distracted driving increases in summer, warns Travelers

During the summer, there are not only more people on America's roads but also more cases of distracted drivers. Louisville residents who are planning to head out on a road trip will want to keep this in mind; that way, they can watch out for drivers who appear to be distracted as well as avoid such negligent behavior themselves.

To raise awareness of distracted driving, the Travelers Institute held its newly launched Every Second Matters™ symposium back in June. It also issued a report that analyzed recent driving trends and provided safe driving tips. The institute used data from a recent TrueMotion study to highlight how prominent the issue is in summer.

A Kentucky-specific mesothelioma SlideShare is a starting point to answers

A diagnosis of mesothelioma often comes with more questions than answers. Where do you get the best, specialized treatment? How do you figure out what caused it? Why do you need to seek individualized legal counsel?

Many assume that mesothelioma only attacks those who worked directly with asbestos over a career. Unfortunately, a spouse who laundered dusty clothing, a child exposed in a car or household use of baby powder may all be sufficient to cause the disease. And it can take anywhere from 20 - 50 years to develop.

Which Kentucky worksites and products were known to contain asbestos? We share some basic information about state-specific products and professions that may have led to exposure.

Businesses responsible for keeping property safe for customers

If a customer slips or falls while on a small Kentucky business' property, that person may be entitled to seek compensation by filing a premises liability claim against that business. This is because small business owners are responsible for ensuring that the property is free from hazards for customers.

Businesses have what is called a duty of care when it comes to their customers. This means that the owner of the small business is responsible for providing maintenance of the property. As such, owners must provide a proper inspection of the premises, ensure that customers are made aware of any potential hazards that cannot be repaired or have not yet been repaired, and make repairs as they become necessary.

Attacked by man’s best friend? Unsafe premises may be to blame

Many families across the United States own dogs. Many individuals may agree that dogs provide companionship and a sense of responsibility. In rare occurrences, however, dogs lash out and severely injure adults and children, and medical procedures and lawsuits may result. Laws provide justice in personal injury disputes, but they also uphold reimbursement for injury under premises liability.

It is your right to feel safe from harm when you legally entering someone’s property.

Head-on highway crash takes life of Kentucky woman

It takes less than two hours to drive northeast of Louisville to get to Hebron. The Cincinnati suburb that has a population of about 6,000 was the site of a recent fatal motor vehicle crash that involved two cars and a pick-up truck.

According to a news report, a 45-year-old Kentucky woman died after her 2001 Pontiac Sunfire was struck head-on by a Chrysler Sebring that had "suddenly and unexpectedly veered left, crossing the center line" of a highway.

How do you protect yourself against uninsured drivers?

The last thing you want to think about is the possibility of being involved in a car accident. But what do you do if it does happen? What if the person who hit you did not even have car insurance or not enough insurance coverage? What are your options? People drive around with no insurance every day or they are underinsured. According to a study by the Insurance Research Council (IRC), some estimated 30 million U.S. vehicle owners do not have car insurance. That is about 15%. The IRC is an organization paid for by the insurance companies.


Many Kentuckians will spend at least one day this summer (and possibly many) at a theme park, fair, carnival, water park or other outdoor location where rides and other activities abound. We count on these rides and activities to be as safe as possible.


This time of year, known by high schoolers across Kentucky as prom and graduation season, causes even more worry than usual for parents of teens. Both of these events are accompanied by all-night parties where alcohol is often supplied by other teens, older siblings or even adults.

Is any amount of asbestos exposure safe? Our white paper has answers

Asbestos exposure is the only known cause of mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that attacks the lining of organs. Where and when did exposure occur? These are important questions that are often difficult to answer. It could have been occupational (in construction trades, manufacturing or power plants), secondary (laundering clothing covered in asbestos dust) or household (daily baby powder use) exposure.

It can take many decades for mesothelioma to develop. Occupational histories, interviews with former co-workers and research into company suppliers can provide initial clues. Often, there are numerous responsible parties, which makes litigation extremely complicated.

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