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Seeking Compensation For Dog Bite Victims In Kentucky

In Kentucky, pet owners are responsible for injuries caused by their pets. As the victim of a dog bite injury, you do not have to prove that the owner of the dog was careless or negligent. As long as you were not on the premises unlawfully and you did not provoke the dog, the owner is responsible.

The attorneys at Satterley & Kelley PLLC, in Louisville, are here to help you get the compensation you deserve to recover from a dog bite injury.

Were you bitten by the dog of a friend or relative? It is important to remember that filing a personal injury claim is about obtaining compensation for the victim — not blaming the dog’s owners. Damages are typically paid by homeowners’ insurance.

Children May Be In More Danger

People who are bitten by dogs may experience permanent scarring and/or nerve damage. An animal attack can be especially traumatic to a child who may suffer to a higher degree than an adult.

While anyone could become the victim of a dog bite, curious or unaware children may be especially susceptible. They do not always know the proper conduct for canine interactions, and may not be as likely to read the warning signs of potential danger. Misreading cues can result in children having to deal with the repercussions for years to come.

Even Familiar Dogs Can Prove Dangerous

It’s important that people behave accordingly when handling animals, as dangerous catalysts can lead to trouble around familiar and strange dogs alike:

  • Playing near the animal
  • Handling food in the area
  • Moving around their mouth

These circumstances could lead to startling a dog or inciting aggressive behavior. When an animal does strike, the bites could cause serious damage to anyone, but smaller victims could suffer significant consequences:

  • Greater damage to smaller extremities
  • Development of a life-long fear of animals
  • Less resistance to any potential illnesses
  • Inability to communicate pains and ailments

Harm May Last Longer Than Legal Limitations

Kentucky has limitations on how long a victim can seek compensation. Younger plaintiffs may have a larger window to pursue assistance than adults, though limits can still begin when they are no longer a minor. Understanding how an injury can impact your children and if you still have time for help can be difficult.

Our lawyers will help you obtain compensation for all of the damages you or your family member suffered, including:

  • Past and future medical care
  • Future cosmetic surgery
  • Lost wages if you missed work as the result of your injuries
  • Counseling to overcome the fear of dog attacks
  • Physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering

When a child is bitten, doctors may not perform procedures to minimize scarring until the child is grown. Those procedures may not be covered by medical insurance, so it is important to recover compensation now for your child’s future needs.

Ensure Your Settlement Is Fair

In many dog bite cases, catastrophic injuries require multiple surgeries, long stays in the hospital, psychological visits and reconstructive surgery. All of this can add up, leaving insurance companies on the defensive and unwilling to provide maximum compensation.

If you are worried you have gotten a lowball offer, talk to our team of attorneys. We can review your settlement offer to determine if it’s fair or if it fails to meet your present and future financial needs.

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