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After driving for many years, you may no longer consider the potential dangers of driving. However, teenage drivers are often at more risk than their more experienced counterparts. Driver’s education aims to prepare them for the road, but it may take them more time to recognize and respond to potential hazards.

The attorneys at Satterley & Kelley PLLC handle personal injury claims in the greater Louisville area and throughout Kentucky. Our lawyers understand the devastating effect a motor vehicle accident can have on a teen and their family. After a crash, we will help you determine the full extent of injuries and seek favorable resolution in your case.

Common Challenges For Teen Drivers

Defensive driving is more than knowing the rules of the road. It also includes learning how to identify and navigate around potential safety concerns. While sharing the road with other motorists, many young drivers face challenges that include:

Medical attention is often imperative after a crash, and the costs can be higher than expected. Our experienced litigators will help you build a case to maximize damages and deal with insurance companies to get you the compensation you deserve.

Get The Help Your Family Needs After An Accident

We are prepared to do the legwork when your family needs us the most. We will explain your options after an accident and represent your best interest in reaching a settlement.

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