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How truckers can effectively fight fatigue

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Fatigue, which drivers in Kentucky may only deal with on occasion, is like a constant companion for the average truck driver. Truckers work long, stressful hours and have few opportunities to exercise, so the need to address drowsiness is more pressing with them.

The following are some tips for minimizing drowsiness.

Sleeping six to eight hours

Six to eight hours of sleep each night is the recommended amount for adults, and truckers who cannot achieve this at one time should consider taking naps throughout the day. They can experiment and find out for themselves the proper length and intervals.

Rethinking what you eat and drink

Certain foods make a person feel tired. Snacks that provide a fleeting sugar rush can do this, as can foods that are high in carbohydrates. Truckers should opt for healthier meals. The National Institutes of Health recommends chicken and tuna sandwiches and English bagels or muffins.

Truckers should not drink much alcohol, which is a depressant, and limit caffeine intake, which can cause drowsiness in the long run. Rather, they should drink water. Experts have shown how dehydration can lead to drowsiness as well as muscle cramps and headaches.

Considering the effect of the truck cab

The truck cab continually bounces and shakes the driver, which can lead to health problems, including even spinal degradation. Truckers could increase their alertness with a good seat suspension system.

Representing the victims of truck crashes

Drowsy truck drivers are to blame for many truck accidents. If you have been injured in a truck accident and have questions, contact an attorney who is experienced in this area of the law.

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