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Do’s And Don’ts Of Working With Insurers

After an accident, it is essential that you understand that an insurance adjuster may not have your best interests at heart. They will frequently seek to downplay the extent of your injuries or offer only a fraction of the compensation you may be entitled to receive.

At Satterley & Kelley PLLC, we know how insurance companies work and the tactics they use to minimize settlements. We want our clients to be well-informed before they speak to adjusters, which is why we offer up this helpful set of guidelines that explain the do’s and don’ts of working with insurers in Kentucky.

What Should You Avoid When Speaking To An Adjuster?

  • Do not volunteer additional information to the adjuster.
  • Never state anything that would indicate you were more at fault than you were.
  • Do not provide an adjuster a copy of your medical records unless you have legal representation and fully understand your rights.
  • Never offer a recorded or written statement to the other driver’s insurance company without an experienced lawyer present.
  • Do not assume that the adjuster is offering you fair compensation for your injuries.
  • Never answer a question that you do not understand.
  • Finally, never lie to an insurance adjuster.

What Should I Say To An Adjuster?

  • You should always tell them the truth.
  • Take a moment before answering each of their questions to consider the wording of your response for accuracy.
  • Provide them with your name and your contact information.
  • Keep a detailed record of your interaction with the adjuster, including the name of the individual you spoke to, the name of their company and the content of your conversation.
  • Remain calm and respectful.
  • Always remember that you have a right to consult with a lawyer before answering questions.

Successful Representation To Safeguard Your Legal Rights

Regardless of the circumstances involved in an automotive accident, it is always beneficial to secure legal representation to protect your rights. Our experienced personal injury attorneys at Satterley & Kelley PLLC offer a free consultation. We will evaluate your case and determine if legal action may be required to protect you. Additionally, our lawyers can help you avoid common errors victims make when speaking with insurance companies. We represent your best interests in all interactions and treat you with care and respect.

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