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July 2018 Archives

Study says asbestos-related debts are underestimated

Some Louisville workers may suffer health problems, including cancer, as a result of asbestos exposure. According to a study from the International Commission of Occupational Health, the number of deaths resulting from asbestos exposure have been underestimated both in the United States and throughout the world.

What to know if you are injured at a concert

Millions of people attend concerts each year, and though they are fun, you can still obtain an injury. Most concerts are held without problems but there are instances where this is not the case. If you or someone you know has experienced an injury at a concert, you may be wondering if you can sue the party responsible.

Insurance data reveals that smaller cars are less safe

All of the new cars, SUVs and pickup trucks on sale in Kentucky have passed crash tests to meet federal safety standards, but some protect their occupants better than others. Figures from the Highway Loss Data Institute, which tracks accident rates and insurance claims, reveal that even an array of airbags and sophisticated accident avoidance systems are not enough to overcome the fundamental laws of physics.

Distracted driving increases in summer, warns Travelers

During the summer, there are not only more people on America's roads but also more cases of distracted drivers. Louisville residents who are planning to head out on a road trip will want to keep this in mind; that way, they can watch out for drivers who appear to be distracted as well as avoid such negligent behavior themselves.

A Kentucky-specific mesothelioma SlideShare is a starting point to answers

A diagnosis of mesothelioma often comes with more questions than answers. Where do you get the best, specialized treatment? How do you figure out what caused it? Why do you need to seek individualized legal counsel?

Businesses responsible for keeping property safe for customers

If a customer slips or falls while on a small Kentucky business' property, that person may be entitled to seek compensation by filing a premises liability claim against that business. This is because small business owners are responsible for ensuring that the property is free from hazards for customers.

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